Start of the anniversary year for Cronwell Hotels & Resorts has coincided with the launch of several new projects in Europe and Russia. Along with the expansion of geography, the company demonstrates a wide range of consulting and management services in the hospitality industry. Thus,  in early January in the Netherlands, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Breeze Hotel Amsterdam. Besides, a number of large-scale projects are currently under active preparation.


Cronwell Hotels & Resorts, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, has experience in development projects in Russia, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro and the Czech Republic. The next step is much interesting work on development and promotion of a new conceptual object: the world's first zero energy hotel.

1Stylish and innovative city hotel Breeze, opened in June 2019, is a product of the latest engineering achievements in the field of eco-construction and energy efficiency, a vivid example of modern sustainable architecture. Located in the young and rapidly growing eco-district of Amsterdam - IJburg on Lake IJmeer, the hotel is fully in line with the spirit of the time, yet with a distinctive character and local flavor. An undoubted advantage are spacious and well-appointed with the latest eco-trends 195 rooms,  as well as  convenient underground parking.

3A few years ago, a zero energy building seemed fantastic. Today, a project using sun, wind, cascade water and even living plants energy is a reality. Caring for the environment, reducing energy consumption and waste, renewable energy sources - these days it is no longer a  trend, but a necessity. Solar panels are installed on the roof and facades of the building. Electricity for the usb ports is generated by the energy of photosynthesis: the hotel rightly considers itself green in the literal sense of the word. Even gym equipment produces energy for the hotel’s needs.

5The innovative energy-saving technologies embodied in this unique hotel have already been marked with  prestigious awards. For example, a unique natural  cooling and ventilating system without air conditioning with minimal energy consumption, inspired by African termite mounds.

4Fashionable and functional interior design is created with eco-friendly and  recycled materials. Paper usage is minimized. Both staff uniforms and bed linen in the rooms are made from recycled materials. Many guests are attracted by the original conceptual restaurant located on the ground floor of the hotel. Here visitors are offered dishes from seasonal locally produced products. The chef grows herbs personally, while the  entire process of creating culinary masterpieces takes place in front of the guests.

8Panoramic Sky Bar on the 10th floor of the hotel is another attraction of the Breeze Hotel. An incredible view of the bay and the canal with yachts creates a unique atmosphere, accompanied by  signature cocktails.