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According to Greek mythology, the area was home to giants and became a battleground during the era when they tried to banish the gods from Mt Olympus. These days the only struggle that is going on in Kassandra is the competition between Green and Blue, together making a breath-taking combination.

Although most densely populated of the three peninsulas, Kassandra’s main attractions are the  wild beauty, aquamarine waters of the North Aegean, fruitful soil and amazing flora and fauna. Thousands of tourists are attracted by unique thermal springs, penetrating the area, and, of course, endless entertaining opportunities.

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280 sunny days per year; mild Mediterranean microclimate.

Neighborhood & Access

Thessaloniki airport is less than 120 Km. The second largest city of Greece is charming, ancient and vibrant, lies on the shore of the Thermaic Gulf and welcomes warmly its visitors.

Ask us about boat cruises, organized tours, Petralona Cave, the monastic state of Mount Athos, traditional markets, hiking trails and anything that will reveal the exotic holiday dreamland of Halkidiki.